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Drain & Sewer Tips

Without properly functioning sewer lines and pipes, homeowners run the risk of issues ranging from leaky pipes to dripping faucets and everything in between. So, here are a few simple yet hugely effective tips to keep your drains and sewer lines operating as intended.

Drain & Sewer Maintenance

Above all else, homeowners should focus on maintenance at least once each year. Your drains and sewer lines need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to continually operate as intended.

What does that mean? It starts with having your drainage system inspected regularly. You should obviously keep an eye on your system to the extent that you can, but professional services offer deeper drain inspection with video devices, but this is usually only needed every year or two for major lines unless a specific problem occurs.

You should also use hot water on a weekly basis to flush your drains. The easiest way to do this is to pour a couple pots of hot water down the drain once each week. This hot water, while not caustic like some chemicals, effectively removes any excess grease or hair that has built up along the drain surfaces.

Avoid Chemicals

No matter what you hear or see in advertisements for liquid drain cleaners and other chemicals, there are substantial risks associated with using these products. To start with, they are caustic. That means, while they often breakdown whatever is clogging your drain, they also wear down the pipes. It may solve your problem today, but it will create a new one that is nearly impossible to solve without major work in the future. Second, chemicals are dangerous. The fumes given off by common drain cleaning chemicals are unhealthy to breathe.

Watching for Leaks

There is any number of ways that a leak can manifest on your property. Obviously the simplest and most common symptom of a leak is when water starts to build up in your home. Fortunately this doesn’t happen very often. Unfortunately, however, the actual symptoms of most leaks are much harder to detect. Sewer leaks in particular, tend to manifest in nothing more than damp spots on your lawn.

So, the easiest thing for you to do is watch your water bill for sudden increases. If you see your bill jump substantially without warning, it may be due to a leak. You may also notice a slower drain time due to the leak. Plumbing is carefully calibrated for drainage. When the lines are leaking, it is much less efficient.

Drain & Sewer Experts

If you notice a problem with your drainage and sewer system, you want someone skilled enough to pinpoint the problem, remove any potential issues and fix things up quickly and efficiently. That company should provide a full range of services, video inspection when needed, and solutions that are natural and safe for your family.