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Drain Tile Systems in Pasco County, FL

Does the lowest level of your home take on water during heavy summer storms? Are you looking for a simple and effective way in which to protect your property from the ravages of water damages resulting from leaks in your plumbing system? Your basement/foundation is particularly vulnerable to such issues, being as that water will always move downward. With a drain tile system in Pasco County, FL, though, you can keep that water moving on its way, protecting your property in the process.

Drain tile systems, also known as French Drains, serve one purpose—to prevent structural damage to your home due to water collecting around the house, under the slab, and in other areas. While drain tile systems may be simple in their working theory, they do require professional installation and, when needed, repair services. Do not entrust the installation of your drain tile system to anyone other than skilled, trained professionals. Contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule a plumber in Pasco County, FL and the surrounding area.

How Do Drain Tile Systems Work?

Drain tile systems collect water and redirect it away from your home. They accomplish this with the use of perforated pipes installed in strategically–placed trenches. These pipes are covered with gravel, which is more porous than soil and allows for better water drainage. The drain tile system will then direct water to a sump pump or simply away from the foundation of the house with the natural assistance of gravity. The specifics will depend upon your unique property.

Hire Us for Your Drain Tile System Installation

There are a few ways in which a drain tile system may be installed on your property. The first is an exterior drain tile system. This method of installation is typically only used at the time of the home’s construction. The drain tile is installed around the foundation of the house, and moves water away from it. This prevents damage to the foundation, leaks, and the other problems that come along with saturation.

Interior drain tile systems are more common in existing properties. They may be installed above the concrete slab that the home is constructed on, though the most common application is beneath this slab. A portion of the slab will have to be cut out, a trench dug and the pipe/gravel put into place, and the concrete replaced. Further waterproofing materials may be used in order to move water entering through the foundation into the drain tile.

We Repair Drain Tiles, Too

Drain tile systems don’t have any mechanical parts, and don’t really require much of anything in the way of routine maintenance. Eventually, though, you may notice that your drain tiles are not functioning properly. If water is backing up into your home, or if the soil surrounding your house is noticeably saturated, then you may have a problem.

Because issues with your drain tiles can lead to serious property damage, you need to schedule any necessary drain repair in Pasco County, FL as soon as possible. The longer that you wait before doing so, the greater the risk of damage to your home. Contact us at the first sign of trouble, so that our team can complete your drain tile system repairs promptly.

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