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Extended Warranty

After your initial labor warranty period lapses, your air conditioning system has a factory parts warranty. However, there are still many expenses that are not covered, for which you will be responsible, such as: diagnostic fees, shipping fees for warranty parts, labor for installation, refrigerant and associated consumable parts. 

If you have a factory part warranty, Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has a solution to protect your family from additional expenses.

  • Bayonet Customer Service Representatives can check the status of your equipment’s warranty.
  • This program is not applicable for systems over 5 tons or systems in commercial applications.
  • Thermostats are only covered if covered by the same manufacturer’s warranty as the air conditioning system.
  • Damages due to hurricane, theft, vandalism and acts of nature are not covered.
  • Equipment more than 30 Days out of the original labor warranty period require a maintenance inspection before extended warranty is issued.
  • Annual maintenance is required to maintain coverage (separate charge), maintenance-related failures are not covered if annual maintenance has lapsed.
  • This program is not applicable for systems over 5 tons or systems in commercial applications.  
  • Existing conditions are not covered; system must be in working order to be placed into this program.   
  • Nonfunctional parts and external items such as piping, ductwork and external electrical components are not covered.  
  • Thermostats are only covered if covered by the manufactures warranty.

Damages due to acts of nature, theft or vandalism are not covered.

A manufacturer’s part warranty must be in effect on the covered equipment to qualify for the Bayonet Extended Warranty. Warranties vary by manufacturer. Some offer 10–year warranties and some offer 12–year warranties on functional parts, but almost all are contingent on registration of the units with the manufacturer and are only available to the original homeowner. If your system was not registered or if you’re not the original homeowner, your system will revert to a five–year limited warranty on parts. Florida Office of Insurance Regulations, Statute 634, Part III authorization No. 14–592396397. Coverage starts 30 –60 days after purchase the date the Certificate of Labor Coverage is issued. Warranty is refundable as outlined in the terms & Conditions of the Certificate of Labor Coverage. 

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