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5 Indicators Your AC Needs Repairs

AC-outdoor-unitNow is not the time that you want to encounter trouble with your air conditioner. If things were hot before they are certainly not going to start cooling again anytime soon—if anything the heat is about to turn up even more. So you really need your AC system to be in working order.

You don’t want your air conditioner to reach the stage when it is unable to cool the house at all before you schedule your next AC repair in Pasco County, FL.

5 Ways to Tell You Need an AC Repair

Notice any of these issues coming from your air conditioner? If so, then now is a great time to call us to schedule repairs before your system breakdown completely.

1. Your system is short cycling

Short cycling refers to when your AC turns on and only runs for a brief amount of time before turning off, only to kick back on and do it all over again. This is an interrupted cooling cycle that is created by a problem in the system, rather than something causing the house to cool faster than usual. This is harmful to your comfort and your system’s wellbeing.

2. You are receiving high energy bills

Using your air conditioner will impact your energy bills but it shouldn’t lead to them skyrocketing. If you are noticing that the use of your AC is actually causing a large spike in your monthly bills, it is worthwhile to have a professional check the system out.

3. There are signs of a leak from the system

Unless you have an evaporative cooler, your system doesn’t use water to get the job done, meaning that a leak is a problem. Even if you have an evaporative cooler, a leak is still a problem but that is a subject for a different blog post.

Leaks in a central AC or heat pump can indicate a number of issues, from a leak in your refrigerant line to a clogged condensate line to a frozen evaporator coil. Whatever the cause, you need to reach out for expert assistance if you notice this issue.

4. You are noticing weaker airflow

You need an air conditioner that produces a strong flow of air throughout the house. If the airflow has become weaker than before, it is going to negatively impact your comfort. This may be caused by a clogged air filter, which you can handle with a quick filter change. If this doesn’t address the problem though, there may be an issue that is deeper in your system which requires repairs from a professional.

5. The AC is producing warm air

Lastly, you will want to reach out to a repair technician if your air conditioner has started to produce warm air. If you have a heat pump this may indicate that you have a stuck reversing valve or, in any system, it may be a sign that you have a refrigerant problem.

Whatever may be wrong with your air conditioner, make sure to contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to find a solution. We are here for you no matter what with 24/7 emergency services.

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