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Bayonet is Ask The Seal Certified!

When you invite strangers into your home for the first time, how do you know you can trust them in your sanctuary, around your children, and around what’s nearest and dearest to your heart. Unless you have a long-standing relationship with the company, you don’t really know who they’re sending to your home. In fact, they might not even really know they’re employees! There is a way to have a little peace of mind. It’s free and called

At Bayonet, we’re very proud to distinguish our company in this manner. Here is a little about Ask the Seal, straight from their website:

Why Ask The Seal?

  • Many companies who claim to be licensed, insured and bonded are not.
  • Many companies who claim to perform criminal background checks on their employees do not.
  • If you hire an unlicensed company and an employee hurts themselves on your property or your property is damaged, your insurance company may deny the claim leaving you holding the bag.
  • You can be fined up to $5,000 for hiring an unlicensed contractor whether you knew it or not.
  • Many criminals use their employment to find their next victim.
  • Every day companies large and small introduce dangerous felons into unsuspecting consumers lives.
  • Many consumers think they are safe if someone is home with them when the service person is there. In fact, many crimes are committed up to six months after the service call.

How is the Seal Different?

  • Ask the is free to consumers.
  • Ask the does not require you to enter any personal information.
  • Ask the performs criminal and sex offender checks on not just the owner but also the employees who interact with your family.
  • Ask the actually performs the background checks rather than just taking someone’s word for it.
  • Companies with the Seal of Approval can email you an employee photo and proof of background check(SEAL-MAIL) so you know who you are opening your door for.
  • Employees are issued photo IDs confirming their background check

How does the Seal of Approval help protect me?

So now, you don’t just have our promise, you have the Seal’s approval. So don’t sweat, don’t fret, call Bayonet…and you’ll have no regrets!

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