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What Is an Inverter AC and Does My Home Need One?


When it comes to keeping your home cool in Florida’s heat and humidity, many homeowners opt for central air conditioners. These tried-and-true systems continue to endure in popularity. Not only have they been around for a long time, but they’ve also come a long way in terms of the technology they use. 

Despite the popularity of heat pumps and mini splits, central ACs are still the preferred method of cooling for many Florida homeowners who are reluctant to make the switch to something “more technologically advanced.”

However, there have been developments with central air conditioner technology that make them highly competitive with heat pumps. One of these eco-friendly, energy-saving advancements is inverter air conditioners. Let’s go over what an AC inverter is and why your home would benefit from one. 

How is an inverter AC different from central ACs?

A standard central air conditioner has two settings. It’s either on or off. When it’s on, it runs at 100% power to reach the set temperature on the thermostat. Once it reaches that temp, it turns itself off. However, an inverter AC can actually reduce its “speed” as it gets closer to the set temperature. This is referred to as its “variable cooling speed.” 

What are the benefits of an inverter system?

There are many benefits to an inverter AC. Here are a few.

1. Lower Energy Bills

With the ability to vary their power usage, inverter systems use less energy than a central AC. Because they don’t have to go at 100% all the time, they utilize less energy depending on the needs of your home. In fact, some studies have estimated that they can use 20-40% less power than a non-inverter AC. And that means lower energy bills for homeowners.

2. A More Eco-Friendly Central Air Conditioner

Inverter ACs use less power and energy. That makes it a more eco-friendly option than a traditional central AC. When you take into account the fact that air conditioning accounts for half of your home’s energy usage, especially in Florida, an inverter AC really reduces your carbon footprint. 

3. A More Consistent Temperature and Less Humidity Throughout Your Home

Have you ever come home to a scorching-hot house and then had to suffer until the AC kicked in? Or how about when you turn the AC too low and then need to find a sweater until the temperature goes back up? This won’t happen as much with an inverter AC.

Inverter ACs use long, slow cycles to actively regulate the power to the compressor. That means based on the temperature of your home, they’ll self-regulate and operate anywhere from 35% to 120% capacity. Because the output varies only slightly during operation, your home will experience consistent cooling power with almost no temperature changes. 

An inverter AC is better a decreasing the humidity in your home than a central AC. That’s because they run for longer at a lower speed. And that’s a definite bonus with our incredibly humid weather in Florida!

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