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Heat Pumps and Mini Splits For Florida Homes


The popularity of alternative options for heating and cooling homes has never been greater. Traditional HVAC systems have become more technologically advanced and remain solid choices, but other types of systems have advanced as well. Although the first heat pump was invented in 1856, these systems have really skyrocketed in popularity.

If either your heater or air conditioner is due for replacement, have you considered heat pump installation in Orlando, FL as one of your options or perhaps a ductless mini split? These two-in-one systems kill two birds with one stone by replacing both your AC and your heater with one versatile system. Their flexibility and efficiency might very well mean they’re the perfect option for your home.

Central Heating and Cooling Systems

It helps to know how traditional HVAC systems work so you can understand how heat pumps are different. 

  • Furnaces are referred to as central heating systems because they operate from a central area in the home and then distribute the heated air throughout the home via ductwork and using blower fans. They burn fuel or use electrical resistance to generate heat.
  • Air Conditioners are referred to as central air conditioners and use a “split system” composed of an indoor evaporator unit and an outdoor condenser. They use refrigerant to remove the heat inside your home and then transfer it outside. 

How Are Heat Pumps and Mini Splits Different?

Think of a mini split as essentially being an air conditioner with an added feature called a reversing valve. This component is what gives a heat pump the ability to do two jobs instead of one. All it does is reverse the direction of the refrigerant flow, allowing it to cool in cooling mode and heat in heating mode. It’s that simple! They can be ductless or can use the existing ductwork in your home. 

What if you have an older home and your ductwork isn’t in the best shape? Or if you’re building a new home and would rather not have ductwork installed? That’s where the ductless mini split system enters the picture. 

The Aptly Named Ductless Mini Splits

A ductless mini split is essentially a heat pump and can be used for both heating and cooling. The air handler units can be mounted on the walls of your home and the condenser unit resides outside the home.

Generally speaking, the number of air handlers the home will need depends on the square footage of the home and the number of rooms. For example, a 3-bedroom home that’s 1500 square feet may only require 5 air handlers: one for each bedroom and one each for the living room and kitchen.

This ability to determine where the air handlers go and what temperature to set them at gives homeowners amazing versatility. You’ll have the ability to heat or cool individual rooms in your home rather than wasting energy on the whole home. 

This is ideal for households where some people run more hot or cool than others. Not needing ductwork also means that the problems that occur with ductwork (energy wastage and poor indoor air quality) will also be eliminated.

If you’re excited about the versatility that heat pumps and mini splits can bring to your home comfort, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for heat pump or mini split installation today!

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