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3 Repairs Your Boiler May Need

service-time“Wait, people in Tampa have boilers?”

Yes! Believe it or not, there are plenty of Tampa residents that rely on boilers to keep their homes warm when the weather here gets chilly. We offer a helping hand with keeping those systems in working order because there are people who need the skill of a professional who knows how to handle that system.

If you have a boiler around here you know that they are incredibly effective at keeping your home warm. But you should also know that just because they operate differently from furnaces it doesn’t mean they won’t need the occasional boiler repair in Tampa, FL. Not to worry though, like we said we are here to help with your boiler system services.

3 Possible Repairs Your Boiler May Need

Boilers are made to produce radiant heat for your home. To do this they boil water and cycle it through pipes and into radiators placed throughout the home. These heating systems are remarkably effective and efficient. However, even with a set-up that is largely protected in the walls of your home, a boiler can still encounter issues caused by regular wear and tear. If your system has been acting up, check on these possible repairs it may need and contact us to get things back in order.

  1. The boiler has a leak. Boilers heat water and cycle it through your home to heat things up. However, this only works if you have the water pressure necessary to properly cycle that liquid. A leak can be damaging in more than one way as it can create a risk of water damage in your home and it can also make it near impossible to keep warm. If a pipe or connection for your boiler springs a leak, reach out for repairs ASAP.
  2. There is scaling in the system. Scaling is the build-up of sediment in your boiler. In areas with hard water, scaling can be a pervasive and obnoxious issue for every part of your plumbing system, along with your boiler. Our team can perform a flush for your boiler system to remove possible build-up and keep your heater running effectively and efficiently.
  3. The boiler is struggling to create heat. Whether you have a boiler that creates heat via electrical resistance or heats water by burning natural gas if something goes wrong with your system’s heating elements it is bad news for your home comfort. When you schedule your repairs with us we can identify the source of the problem and get it working again in short order.

Boilers may not be as common in this area as other types of heaters but this just makes it more important to make sure you schedule your services with a trained professional. The team at Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has the training, experience, and licensing to service every type of heater around, boilers included.

We believe in offer quality service provided by quality people. You can rely on us to get your home’s heating system into order.

Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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