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Don’t Ignore These Strange Heater Noises

It’s officially “sweater weather” season here in Florida. The unusually cool weather means you’ve probably been using your heater more than you usually would. In an ideal world, the transition from cooling to heating is an easy one. But when you use your heater much less frequently than your air conditioner, sometimes the transition has some hiccups. 

Luckily, there’s an easy way to know when you need heater repair in Orlando, FL. Your heater will tell you! There are noises your heater will make when it’s struggling to do its job. From banging to booming, and screeching to squealing, learn the sounds of a heater in distress. Your heater is making a genuine plea for help. Don’t ignore them. 


A clicking sound could indicate various issues ranging from mild to severe. 

Electronic ignition system: This will sound like a gas burner on your stove that won’t ignite and it could mean the electronic ignition system has failed. In gas furnaces, it happens when the ignition system is failing to create a spark to turn on the gas jets. The ignition system will need to be replaced.

Cracked heat exchanger: This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately if it’s happening. When there are cracks in the heat exchanger, you’ll hear the clicking sounds after the blower motor turns off. These cracks could let carbon monoxide gas seep into your home. You’ll need to turn off your system and call for emergency repairs.

Pilot light or igniter: Another possible cause for concern is when the igniter or pilot light isn’t getting gas. The gas valve could be stuck and you’ll hear a clicking sound as it tries to ignite. This is another situation that warrants emergency repairs as there could be a gas leak.


A squealing noise in a heater happens for the same reason you’ll hear it in your car: a worn-down fan belt needs replacing. The belt could also just be loose and needs to be tightened. It could also be damaged bearings in the motor of the blower. Luckily, these situations are easy to fix when performed by a professional HVAC technician. 


The sound of metal grinding on metal is right up there on the annoying level along with fingernails on a chalkboard. Unfortunately, grinding and metal-on-metal noises are bad signs. The blower fan could’ve come loose and the sound you’re hearing is the noise it makes as it grinds against other metal parts. There could be broken bolts that have come loose and are wedged in the blower fan or the motor. This a repair that shouldn’t be put off as you don’t want your expensive heater to incur even more damage.


A whistling heater isn’t a happy sound. It’s usually due to an impediment to airflow. Your air filter could be clogged with dirt and debris and just needs to be replaced. Other potential causes could be a blocked return, loose objects in the ductwork, and closed vents or dampers.

Do you want to restore peace and quiet in your home? Schedule your heater repair with Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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