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Drain Cleaning: Why Hire a Professional?

pipe-blockageCertain problems that you may encounter with your residential plumbing system can definitely be considered true emergencies. A damaged water well, for instance,  or a burst pipe that is drenching your home or your surrounding property with water would certainly constitute emergencies.  Then there are those problems that are not emergencies, but which you should nonetheless have resolved as soon as possible. Just because they don’t threaten you with imminent disaster does not mean that they are not serious.

Slow-moving, backed-up, or completely blocked drains fall into this latter category. When many people think of plumbing problems, they think of water flooding their floors. However, the drainage side of the plumbing system is just as important as the supply, and you really cannot ignore any signs of trouble with your drains. That is why you should schedule professional drain cleaning in Brooksville, FL. Our plumbers have the skill and expertise that they need to see to the successful cleaning of the drains in your home. 

Why Can’t I Do It Myself?

We understand that there are a lot of homeowners out there that excel in handling jobs around the house themselves. In this day and age, with a DIY instructional video for just about anything to be found on the internet, it can be hard to draw the line between what you can do yourself, and what should be left to the pros.

For many homeowners, the idea of hiring a professional to clean their drains may seem strange. After all, you can just run down to the store to buy some liquid cleaner or a drain snake, right? Well, sure — but that won’t get you the results that professional cleaning will.

Drain cleaners are caustic chemicals that are not eco-friendly, and they are likely only going to clear out enough of the clog for the cleaner itself to pass through your pipes. It is not a good solution for the thorough cleaning of a drain. A hand auger (snake) may be a better option, but you still run the risk of forcing the snake through the clog, thinking that you’ve gotten it all only to learn the hard way that you’ve left much behind.

What Professionals Can Do

Not only do professional plumbers have the skill and experience that an amateur simply cannot possess, but they also have incredible equipment at their disposal, as well. In addition to the equipment that we have which allows us to actually remove clogs and clean the drains, for instance, we have video pipe inspection equipment, as well.

With video pipe inspection equipment, we are able to peer into your drains to determine precisely where the problem point is located. Once we have pinpointed the source of the clog and removed it, we can use that same equipment to evaluate the work that we’ve done. This means that we eliminate guesswork entirely, and that our job is not done until we’ve determined with certainty that it is!

Schedule your drain cleaning services with Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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