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No Hot Water? We Might Know Why!

angry-manThere is really nothing worse than running out of hot water—let’s face it: almost no one is dying for a cold shower, especially on a chilly winter morning! See, your water heater is incredibly important to your everyday life, so when something goes wrong, you are definitely going to notice!

There are a number of reasons why you might not be getting the hot water you expect from your water heater, and below, we have outlined a number of these reasons for you. You just have to keep reading to find out more (and yes, call our team when you need plumbing in Wesley Chapel, FL!)

So, What’s Going On?

Like we mentioned above, there are a number of things that can cause a lack of hot water from your water heater. Here are a few of them:

You’ve simply run out of hot water

Over the holiday season, guests often come to stay for extended visits. This puts extra strain on the water heater, especially in the morning, when everyone is taking their showers. If you have a water heater designed to handle the needs of only a few people, it can be overwhelmed quickly.

The pilot light on the water heater has gone out

If you have an older natural gas water heater, it may use a pilot light to ignite the burners. (Newer models use electronic ignition systems.) Check on the pilot light to see if this is the case, and then relight the pilot. If the pilot light won’t stay lit, consult with a professional plumber to repair the system.

The burners won’t light

If your burners won’t light, this could be a gas flow issue. It might also be that the thermostat that activates the burners isn’t working correctly. Either way, you definitely don’t want to mess around with the burners. Have a water heater repair expert look at the problem.

A circuit breaker has tripped

A tripped circuit breaker can definitely stand in the way of you and your electric water heater. Because the amount of energy the water heater requires, it might overload its circuit and the trip the breaker—and you won’t get any hot water. Check the breaker and reset it. If the problem continues, have the water heater looked at.

The water heater is improperly sized

If the water heater is a new one, the problem of it running out of hot water too soon may mean that it has the wrong size tank. Never let non-professionals install your water heater since improper sizing is a mistake they often make. Only a professional will be able to match you with a system that is going to be able to keep up with your household’s unique hot water demands.

Always Hire a Professional

If your hot water isn’t working as it should, it is important that you hire a certified professional plumber for help! Trust us, only a professional has the tools, training, and experience to safely and correctly handle the complex needs of your system, the first time around.

To schedule your water heater repairs, contact the team at Bayonet Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning today! 

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