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Is Maintenance Right For Me?

Maintain your AC unit? You bet! It’s an important appliance and often the most neglected one. Until it breaks. Then, it’s elevated to an emergency situation in most Florida months!

It’s a fact, most Floridians don’t want to live here without AC. These past few weeks, no one has wanted to be without heat either! For a few short hours, it was actually colder here than in some parts of Alaska! Brrrr!

Customers are getting more and more educated every day. At the same time, many don’t realize the importance of regular maintenance. Here are a few reasons maintenance is important.

1. Most AC equipment manufacturers are now requiring proof of your regular maintenance to keep your parts warranty valid. If that’s not reason enough, nothing is! It’s important to protect your unit and your wallet with regular maintenance!

2. You an extend the life of your unit. When dirt and debris build up on your coils, your unit has to work hard and through increased resistance to satisfy cooling demands. Anytime the unit has to work harder than its intended purpose, it takes time off of its useful life. We all want our units to last for at least ten years. Regular maintenance ensures that it does.

3. Less down time. With regular maintenance, small problems can be caught and addressed before they become large problems! Parts do wear over time, and statics show they give up on the very hottest day of the year. Not really. I’m kidding, but it certainly seems like that is the way of it!

4. Bayonet has an awesome MVP plan. All joking aside, Bayonet really rewards MVP customers. Any repair we make for a customer with an MVP automatically has a 5 year guarantee. Yes, you read that right. We will keep that repair solid for 5 years as long as you are an MVP member.

Need more reasons why MVPs are great for your AC unit? Call 800-219-3485 to speak to our amazing, friendly, and knowledge office staff today. Get an MVP….your AC unit will thank you!

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