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Protect Your Property Today

It has become a sign of the times: business owners call for an estimate to replace a stolen condensing unit. So many have been taken, stripped, and turned into fast cash by thieves.

We have some solutions for you that can help prevent theft before your business becomes a victim. Depending on your location, there are a few options. One is pretty obvious when replacing a system: hang it up high where it become more difficult and dangerous for the thieves to reach it. Enterprising vandals still can access the units, but most will likely move on to easier targets. This option is mostly viable when replacing a unit and involves installing a air brace onto the building and keeping the unit well up off of the ground.

If your condensing unit hasn’t been tampered with or stolen (yet), you might be interested in “caging” the unit. We can install a steel cage that is bolted into the ground, prevent access to the service valves and making it much more difficult to remove the unit entirely.

Granted, it won’t keep the most persistent thieves at bay, but it will deter most, which will go a long way toward protecting your investment!

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