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5 Sounds Your AC Isn’t Meant to Make

man-with-fanAfter a day at the beach or just a day out running errands, you probably want to come home to a cool house. You should be able to rely on your AC to provide this for you. That said, sometimes you may find that your AC isn’t able to provide the way that it should.

When your system needs an AC repair in Wesley Chapel, FL, it is best to make sure you get this task taken care of quickly. After all, the longer AC repairs go unaddressed, the worse your system will get–which means days that are increasingly hotter when you are indoors.

One of the many ways you can tell that your air conditioner needs repairs before your indoor comfort takes a turn for the worse is to listen for any odd noises the system is making. Let’s take a quick look at what you should keep your ears peeled for.

5 Noises From You AC That Should Prompt a Call To a Pro

You don’t want your air conditioner to be completely silent–that means it just isn’t running at all! However, there are noises that should prompt you to get a professional to check on your system. A healthy air conditioner should produce a healthy whoosh of air. Aside from this, noises like these indicate trouble:

  1. Rattling: A rattling noise is likely to indicate that there is a part in her air conditioner that has gotten loose. This may be a screw or bolt or even a fan blade that has started to wriggle loose due to the regular wear and tear of using your system. Make sure to have a professional come by to check for loose parts and tighten them.
  2. Hissing: A hissing noise is not the same as the regular whoosh of air that your air conditioner produces. Hissing is going to indicate that there is refrigerant escaping from a leak in the refrigerant line of your AC. The hiss is created when the gaseous refrigerant escapes through that leak.
  3. Bubbling: Bubbling is also going to be an indicator of a refrigerant leak. However, the difference here is that the leak is in the section of your line where the refrigerant is still in liquid form. The bubbling noises are created When air makes its way into the refrigerant line.
  4. Screeching: This obnoxious sound is one that you hopefully will address quickly if only to make it stop. Screeching usually indicates that you have a blower motor belt in need of lubrication, or a loose fan blade that is scraping around its housing.
  5. Buzzing or humming: This may be something small like a clogged air filter, or it may be a sign that there is a problem with the electrical connections within your air conditioner and/or thermostat.

Have an air conditioner that has gotten too noisy? Don’t brush it off! You should have a trained professional come by to check on the source of the noise and provide the best solutions to address them, whether that be through maintenance or repairs.

When you need professional service for your AC, contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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