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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Maintenance

Summer is in full swing and it is a hot one. Thank goodness we live in an era with air conditioning systems to help keep us cool! Without these wonderful systems who knows how some of us would be able to function.

Speaking of functioning well, how it that air conditioner of yours holding up? It may be working pretty well at the moment but if you haven’t gotten air conditioning maintenance in Tampa, FL yet, the chances of that continuing aren’t very good.

Maintenance, even if it is done later in the season, can be what makes or breaks your ability to enjoy a cool home this summer. You should never skip a tune-up!

The Dangers Of Skipping AC Maintenance

Now that it is later in the year, you might be tempted to just throw your hands up and skip getting a tune-up. We strongly advise you don’t! After all, even late maintenance is going to benefit your AC and you whereas skipping it will lead to more issues.

The problems that can arise from a skipped maintenance service includes:

  1. A loss of efficiency: Without yearly maintenance, your air conditioner stands to lose up to 5% of its efficiency which will lead to more strain on your system over time. Mind you, this loss repeats each year your skip a tune-up!
  2. Reduce effectiveness: Skipping maintenance is also going to make it harder for your air conditioner to operate well. This means it won’t be able to cool your home as effectively, leaving you paying just as much money for less comfort.
  3. Minimized lifespan: Your air conditioner can last up to 15 years with regular maintenance. Without tune-ups though, it may struggle to get to the minimum number of 10 years before needing a replacement.
  4. Higher energy bills: Skipping your yearly tune-up will also end up costing you literally. This is because your air conditioner will end up needing to work harder with a lower efficiency level that translates to more energy used and higher bills each month.
  5. Risk of more repairs: Last but not least, skipping regular AC tune-ups will end up increasing the risk that your system will end up needing more repairs over the course of its lifespan. That’s a lot of extra money and a lot of extra time spent without reliable cooling.

Have a Reliable Team Provide Your AC Maintenance Services

As you can see, skipping maintenance is going to end up costing you time, money, and comfort. It isn’t worth it to skip this service! If you haven’t gotten your air conditioner tune-up taken care of yet we are glad to tell you that you can still have it taken care of! Getting maintenance taken care of even if it is late will end up benefiting your air conditioner and, by default, you! Reach out to our professional team for your tune-up today.

Our team makes it our goal to make your life better with great home comfort. Contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your maintenance appointment. 

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