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Do Central AC or Heat Pumps Need More Repairs?

Monday, June 24th, 2024

If you are considering a new cooling system, you’ve probably heard about heat pumps. These are an alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems and are available in both ducted and ductless models, offering great flexibility. However, heat pumps can be more expensive than central air conditioning.

Homeowners in Florida often want to know the answer to an important question, “Do central air conditioning systems or heat pumps need more repairs?” This is an essential consideration to take into account since you’ll have to live with your new system for the next 10-15 years, and the need for air conditioning repair in Wesley Chapel should be factored into the overall cost. Let’s explain.

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Ice on Your Air Conditioner? Yes, That’s a Problem

Monday, June 10th, 2024

A common misunderstanding that homeowners with central AC systems have is that it’s normal for ice to appear on the AC. People mistakenly think that the system is just doing a really good job of cooling the air.

However, these homeowners soon notice that their home feels stuffy and warmer than it should be and that the AC seems to be running constantly without cooling down the home adequately. This happens because ice on the evaporator coil isn’t helping the AC system work–in fact, it’s hindering the AC system’s operation 

For icy coils, you’ll need to contact us for AC repair in Tampa, FL. Let’s review why ice develops, what it means, and what you should do if you see it happening. 

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