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An A/C Unit is Only as Good as the Duct System

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

The coveted summer months have finally arrived and that means sunshine, hot temperatures, and fun in the sun. It also means that you are turning on your air conditioning units and will be running them regularly for the next few months. One of the most commonly overlooked areas of air conditioning units is the duct work that pumps all that ice cold air into your home – the ducts. Without a solid duct system in place your unit will not function at maximum performance, ultimately costing you money in added energy costs.

So, what are the most common problems with ducts?

Problem: Dirt, Dust and Debris. Dirt and debris from outside can make their way into your home by getting pulled into the unit and then into the ducts. Likewise, the dust that naturally exists in your home can be pulled into the vents and circulated throughout the ducts.

Solution: Professional Duct Cleaning. Outsource this – attempting to clean your own duct work is dangerous and will likely cause more problems than it will solve.

Problem: Leaky Ducts. The ducts are not properly sealed. Various studies have concluded that anywhere from 10-30% of the cooled air is lost as a result of leaks. Improper sealing is generally the cause of leakage.

Solution:   Get them tested. Bayonet can come out and evaluate and test the quality of your duct work and, should there be issues, make recommendations on how best to address them.

Making sure that you have a fully functioning A/C unit and well maintained and constructed ducts will help lower energy costs, increase performance, and keep your home cool as a cucumber this summer!

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