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Why AC Maintenance Is Essential in Florida

Monday, March 20th, 2023

When was the last time you had your car’s oil changed? We’d bet that as soon as you hit the mileage on the sticker on your dashboard you took it right in for service. That’s because you know that getting the oil changed regularly is an investment not only in how your car runs in the short-term, but how long it’ll last in the long run. 

So, when was the last time you had AC maintenance? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to rectify that. Just like a car, your air conditioner needs routine maintenance to run at peak performance. Luckily for you, we have a plan for AC maintenance in Palm Harbor, FL that’ll keep your AC running at peak performance.

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No Fooling! There’s a huge value to your Plumbing Service Agreement!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Many homeowners have become very educated on the value of a regular air conditioning maintenance. Bayonet Plumbing & AC is one of a few companies that specializes in both the AC and Plumbing services. It’s not an April Fool’s joke: your plumbing system needs maintenance too!

The reason for an ac maintenance is based on surface area, really. Dust and dirt collect on those copper coils and keep air from coming into contact with the metal. That makes the system have to work harder when the coils are dirty. There are coils in your indoor AND outdoor unit that use that same air transfer to perform their roles for your comfort. So we all do our part to keep them clean. But, are you neglecting your plumbing?

There is an important appliance that also relies on transferring heat through copper coils: your water heater! IT doesn’t get dirty, right?


The water in our area is very hard. Your water heater came equipped with an anode rod that keep those minerals from caking onto your water heater coils. The rods disintegrate with use. Typically, manufacturer’s recommend replacement of those rods every 18 months. When was the last time you replaced yours? You haven’t? Well, you’re not alone. For this reason, draining and flushing that water heater is vital! All of that sediment and hardness is accumulating around the coil and making your heater work harder than it should to provide your hot water!

Don’t skimp when you could save! Look into a plumbing MVP contract today. In addition to TLC for your water heater, all of your fixtures are checked for leaks, and much more. You will be glad you opted into the program!

Remember: all of out MVP members enjoy discounted rates on repairs, accessories, equipment and priority scheduling on service calls.



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What happened to heating season??

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

We Floridians have enjoyed our non-winter thoroughly this year! It has been true “Chamber of Commerce” weather. We haven’t experienced the few weeks of chilly weather we usually get, and the 80s haven’t been uncommon over the holidays and throughout the typically chillier months.

What does all of that mean to your AC unit? Well, the heating features likely didn’t get used much this winter! So the run time on those parts is down some from normal, but the air conditioning parts might need a little love. Air conditioners are like cars: they need regular maintenance to keep running efficiently. So if you haven’t had your system fully maintained recently, you might want to give it some serious thought, before it decides to throw in the towel on the hottest day of the year.

Be careful: if you try to find the least expensive price, you might not get a thorough maintenance, just an “inspection” during which the company might tell you that you need a maintenance or parts replaced at an additional fee. Consider instead one of our pre-planned maintenance agreements. We call them MVPs because contracting for one entitles the homeowner to many additional benefits that they wouldn’t have with simply a standard maintenance.

During our maintenance visits, we inspect all the parts that can break and test the ones we can test to ensure you that you’re given an opportunity to repair the ones that are near failure before they fail and cause you a loss of comfort. We also thoroughly clean your outdoor AND indoor coil (in place) to make sure dirt and other debris aren’t robbing you of efficiency, increasing your unit’s run time, and increasing your power bill. Just a tiny layer of dirt on the coil increases your power bill, according to an LSU study.

So, don’t keep neglecting your poor, overworked AC unit. Find out about our unique MVP agreements today or schedule a maintenance.

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Spring Cleaning? Don’t forget the AC unit…

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

The cold snap is over and Easter’s not far away. For many, that is a signal to let the spring cleaning begin! Did you know that as little as 0.042 inches of dirt accumulated on condensing unit coil and reduce your system’s efficiency by 21 percent! It’s a fact, proven by an LSU study.

When you’re thinking about cleaning, think about your AC unit. If you haven’t had it cleaned recently, call 877-BAYONET and let one of our technicians give it the spring cleaning it deserves so it doesn’t run longer than it has to when it beats the summer heat and keeps your home and family cool.

Be careful when calling for a tune up. Some companies advertise a very low cost “inspection” but they don’t actually “do” anything; they simply inspect. That’s not going to help. On the promotions page of our website, we’re running a $57 tune up special, and it’s a great value. We clean the outdoor coil and the indoor (in place, removing the coil is an extra charge) among the over twenty other tasks performed while we’re there.

Reduce your summer cooling bills before they start! Kick off your spring cleaning with a Bayonet tune up. Don’t Forget to Call Bayonet!

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