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Keep Your Cooling Bills Down This Summer

Friday, April 26th, 2013

The thermometer is beginning to creep higher in the Tampa area. It calls to mind the end of school, the beginning of beaches and vacation season, but it also finds residents closing those windows at night and running the air conditioning all day–and all night.

The next unavoidable event is the onset of higher power bills. It’s inevitable: no other appliance uses as much electricity as your air conditioner. In fact, in many homes, it can be the cause of up to 60 percent of the bill.

Don’t fret, because Bayonet has some simple tips to help you save money this season!

  • Get a thorough system cleaning. That’s stating the obvious, isn’t it? Almost everyone knows that AC units require maintenance to be efficient. Do you know why? The air passes over a very cold cold in the air handler. As it is drawn across the coil, it cools off, providing the cool air to your home. Dirt and debris can also accumulate on those coils, which minimizes the surface area for the air to contact the coils. When left dirty, eventually it can become so clogged that it will “freeze” coil and put strain on your compressor. If slightly dirty, the system has to run longer to achieve your set temperature level, and the longer that unit runs the higher the power bills climb!
  • BE CAREFUL when you choose the maintenance package! Caveat emptor is an ancient maxim that is quite applicable today. If you see an advertisement for a “tune-up” that is less than about $80, be very cautious. Truly, your system needs to have all mechanical parts checked, all amp draws checked and verified to be within normal limits, a refrigerant system check, both the indoor and outdoor coil cleaned, and a drain line and pan flush. That’s the minimum. Rare is the company that can do all of that for less than $80 in this economy. It should take more than an hour. Be a smart consumer and be sure you get what you need. Many of the companies who offer a dirt cheap “tune up” will be looking for ways to upsell you when they arrive.
  • Set your system to 78 degrees or higher…According to Florida Power, your savings begin to kick in when the thermostat is 78 degrees or higher. You can save more than 3 percent per degree over 78, so while you’re away, turn it up to cash in on some easy savings. If you have pets, no higher than 82, please…
  • If you’re considering system replacement, consider two speed systems! Yes, SEER is where it’s at for savings, but in our wonderfully tropical climate, humidity removal is not to be overlooked. Two-speed systems, especially today’s communicating ones, are especially good at removing humidity. A home at 78 degrees and 50 percent humidity feels like 74 degrees! Now that’s saving money without sacrifice!

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask our experts or email us. We’re here when you need us, so don’t sweat, call Bayonet!

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No Fooling! There’s a huge value to your Plumbing Service Agreement!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Many homeowners have become very educated on the value of a regular air conditioning maintenance. Bayonet Plumbing & AC is one of a few companies that specializes in both the AC and Plumbing services. It’s not an April Fool’s joke: your plumbing system needs maintenance too!

The reason for an ac maintenance is based on surface area, really. Dust and dirt collect on those copper coils and keep air from coming into contact with the metal. That makes the system have to work harder when the coils are dirty. There are coils in your indoor AND outdoor unit that use that same air transfer to perform their roles for your comfort. So we all do our part to keep them clean. But, are you neglecting your plumbing?

There is an important appliance that also relies on transferring heat through copper coils: your water heater! IT doesn’t get dirty, right?


The water in our area is very hard. Your water heater came equipped with an anode rod that keep those minerals from caking onto your water heater coils. The rods disintegrate with use. Typically, manufacturer’s recommend replacement of those rods every 18 months. When was the last time you replaced yours? You haven’t? Well, you’re not alone. For this reason, draining and flushing that water heater is vital! All of that sediment and hardness is accumulating around the coil and making your heater work harder than it should to provide your hot water!

Don’t skimp when you could save! Look into a plumbing MVP contract today. In addition to TLC for your water heater, all of your fixtures are checked for leaks, and much more. You will be glad you opted into the program!

Remember: all of out MVP members enjoy discounted rates on repairs, accessories, equipment and priority scheduling on service calls.



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