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5 Things You Might Be Doing To Hinder Your AC

man-with-fanNo one wants to be doing something that messes with their air conditioner. Why in the world would you purposely ruin your own home comfort? And yet we discover many people do things that end up hindering the work their AC has to do. The question is, are you helping or hindering your cooling system right now?

We want you to get the best possible comfort level from your system but to do that there are some things you need to avoid doing. Check the list we’ve provided to see if you are doing something that gives your AC a hard time.

1. Leaving the filter unchanged for too long.

A good AC filter can help keep the air the enters your system clean for a long while–just not forever. You need to change your AC filter regularly. Our advice is to change it every one to three months. Leaving it longer than this can end up weakening the airflow into your AC while will cause a whole host of bigger issues.

2. Leaving doors or windows open while the AC is on.

After too long indoors you might be craving some fresh air. We’d advise against leaving the doors and windows open though. While fresh air is nice, leaving a door or window open to let it in can make things much harder on your AC which can cost you comfort and cash.

3. Putting furniture or other items in front of vents or air handlers.

We are all for redecorating, just make sure that when you move things around you aren’t placing them in from of a vent or an air handler. Doing so would hinder the flow of air into your home which creates two key problems. The first is that it can make it harder for you to get comfortable. The second is that it will end up straining your AC.

4. Skipping maintenance

We get that there may be months when you don’t feel like your AC needs maintenance. After all, it was working fine recently so why bother? Skipping maintenance can be extremely detrimental to your system’s wellbeing and your wallet. If you skip a yearly tune-up you are going to lose about 5% of your energy efficiency, along with increasing your energy bills and increasing the chances that you’ll need a repair sooner than later.

5. Setting the thermostat too low

You’ll be in good shape if you try to keep your thermostat setting in a reasonable range. Setting it too low only ends up costing you more money and hurting your AC. In fact, did you know that your AC has a cooling limit? It can only drop indoor temperatures to 20° less than the temperature outside. Pushing it beyond this simply isn’t a good idea.

When you want to get the most from your system, scheduling your air conditioning service in Spring Hill, FL with a professional will make a big difference.

Contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to get professional AC services that keep your system in optimal condition. 

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