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Don’t Delay AC Repairs!

AC-outdoor-unitThe beginning of fall is starting to creep closer–not that this means much to the climate in Florida. We are still likely to see plenty more warm weather. That said, if something has started to go awry with your cooling system even as “summer” is wrapping up, it is best to take care of the AC repair in Brooksville, FL in a timely fashion.

What might be going wrong with your air conditioning system at this point though? You may be surprised by the fact you need repairs at all since you scheduled maintenance as per usual. But even the most well-maintained systems will encounter trouble. Here are some repair needs that your system may be encountering that this point in the year.

5 Issues Your Air Conditioner May Run Into

Here are some common problems a cooling system may be encountering by this time in the season.

  1. A dirty air filter: You need to keep the air filter in your home as clean and clear as possible. If your filter hasn’t been changed in a long while it may be clogged with too much dirt and debris, hindering airflow into the system. This may not be a repair per se, but it is a common problem that plagues plenty of systems but this point. MAke sure to check and change your filter every few months!
  2. Trouble around the condenser unit: Did a storm hit your area recently, creating a barrage of leaves, sticks and dirt on your outdoor unit? Or maybe your neighbor was trimming a tree on their property and a stray branch nailed your condenser unit. Damage to the outdoor unit can hinder your system in more ways than one.
  3. A dirty evaporator coil: Dirt, dust, and other airborne debris can make their way into your air conditioner and collect on your evaporator coil over the course of a season. Left long enough, this layer of debris can hinder the cooling process and even create bigger problems like ice collection on the coil. A dirty evaporator coil needs to be cleaned–an iced-over evaporator coil needs to be thawed out by an expert.
  4. Clogged condensate lines: Throughout the cooling process, your AC will pull some humidity from the air as well as heat. This condensation will collect and drip into a condensate pan to be drained via a condensate line. This line can become clogged, hindering drainage and leading to water leaks from your AC. Make sure to have your condensate line cleared by a professional if it becomes clogged.
  5. Leaking refrigerant lines: Last but not least, your system may have developed a leak in its refrigerant line. When a leak forms this can cause short cycling, frozen evaporator coils, and more. Having a professional come out to find and fix a leak is something you should have done quickly. You will also need your technician to recharge (refill) your refrigerant line and make sure the pressurization is correct after this is done.

Summer may be coming to an end but your reliance on your AC system probably won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Make sure to keep your system in good condition with professional repairs from our team.

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