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These Spooky Sounds Mean Your AC Is In Trouble

AC-outdoor-unitIs your AC system making scary noises, just in time for Halloween? Systems that have been stressed by heavy summer usage may start to emit moans and groans when the fall weather arrives.

If your AC unit sounds like it is possessed, now is the perfect time to schedule expert service to address the problem. Here are 5 scary sounds that indicate your air conditioner needs to be checked out. 


If it sounds like there is a banshee wailing in your AC unit, don’t despair. It’s likely that a grating noise is an indication of a motor issue or a fan belt that has come loose. Worn-down motor bearings can place too much friction on the motor, which can lead to permanent damage. It’s imperative to have screeching noises checked right away in order to save your motor and prevent additional damage. 


This noise doesn’t necessarily mean your AC unit is dying a slow, painful death. What it probably means is that there’s a refrigerant leak causing air to become trapped in the coolant lines. Refrigerant leaks can damage your compressor, which is the heart of your AC unit. Scheduling a visit from a technician to investigate those eerie gurgling noises is essential to preventing damage to the most expensive part of your AC system.

Hissing or Bubbling

That hissing sound doesn’t mean there are angry spirits in your AC unit. Hissing sounds occur when air is being forced through a small space. This could indicate that there’s a clogged air filter or a that there’s a leak somewhere in your air conditioner’s ductwork. It can also, and more seriously, be created by a refrigerant line leak. 

On the other hand, if it sounds like a witch’s cauldron is bubbling away in your AC unit, it could mean that the condensate drain line is clogged or could be another indicator of a refrigerant leak. Don’t ignore these sounds emitted by your AC unit as they could be bad omens of more serious problems to come. 


The sound of rattling might conjure visions of skeletons, but what it likely means is there are loose components shaking and vibrating in your system. Perhaps a fan blade is coming loose and scraping its housing, making that awful metal-on-metal screeching noise along with a rattling. Or it could be broken and damaged ductwork that rattles when air passes through it. Schedule an appointment with our technicians to stop the grating sounds that are grating on your nerves. 


A banging noise definitely shouldn’t be ignored. It usually means there’s a problem with loose parts inside the compressor. It could be possible that small objects such as twigs or debris have fallen into the unit and are fighting with the fan blades.

Whatever spooky noises your AC unit is making, the most frightening thing you could do is ignore them. If you have been hearing your air conditioner make sounds that it shouldn’t your best option is to have it checked and, if needed, fixed.

For AC repair in Orlando, FL that won’t leave you terrified, contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professional team

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