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Why Drain Chemicals Cost You More Money Down the Line


In modern-day society, the simplest solution is usually considered to be the best one. It’s natural to want to choose something that seems like it’ll solve a problem easily–and inexpensively. So we understand that homeowners want to use drain-cleaning chemicals to clear away clogs in their sinks.

First of all, drain cleaners don’t work, and secondly, they’ll cost you more money down the line. Professional plumbers don’t recommend them and it’s not so you’ll sign up for drain cleaning services instead. Let’s explain why drain chemicals don’t work, how they cost more in the long run, and why they’re so bad for you and your home.

How Do Drain Chemicals Work?

Drain chemicals work by using caustic chemicals such as lye and acid to eat away at the material clogging your drain. Usually, they’re effective enough to create a narrow pathway through the clog which allows just enough water to get through, allowing your sink to drain again.

But they don’t destroy the bulk of the clog. Most of the material that clogged the drain in the first place is still down there. That’s why drain chemicals are considered a “Band-Aid fix” because the clog inevitably comes back after days or weeks.

How Do Drain Cleaning Chemicals Cost More in the Long Run?

First of all, acid isn’t discriminating. Not only will drain chemicals corrode the material that causes a drain clog, but they’ll damage your pipes as well just by pouring them down your drains. There are plenty of areas that aren’t clogged that the chemicals will cling to and eat away at. 

The chemical solutions and makeup of drain cleaners are so toxic and powerful that they can easily eat away at pipes. Not only that, but chemical reactions can occur between soap scum and drain cleaners that accelerate the corrosion process.

It doesn’t matter if you have PVC, CPVC, metal, or copper pipes. No material is safe from drain cleaning chemicals. Plastic pipes and older plumbing materials are the most susceptible to damage. 

Repeated usage can result in actual holes in your plumbing system which will lead to leaks and water damage. As you can imagine, these can be fairly costly repairs depending on the extent of the damage. 

They Are Harmful to Septic Systems.

Does your home rely on a septic system for water? Septic systems use organic bacteria in order to break down waste. Drain cleaners kill the bacteria in your septic system which will prevent it from working properly. The fix isn’t an easy one. You’ll need to have your entire septic system pumped out and cleaned, which is a lengthy process and a costly job. 

Just Say No to Toxic Chemicals. 

Trust us when we say you don’t want these chemicals in your home. They’re among the most toxic chemicals you can buy off the shelf. If a pet or a child accidentally ingests them, they can be deadly. Just getting a small amount on your skin or breathing in the fumes can be harmful. 

Rely on our team of professionals for all your drain cleaning needs. We’ll fix the problem right the first time.

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