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How to Handle a Drain Clog

bubbling-drainYou are washing your dishes when suddenly all that gunk-filled water starts to fill up your sink. You shut off the faucet and maybe run the garbage disposal but the water doesn’t budge. If this sounds familiar then we have news that likely isn’t a surprise to you: you’ve got a drain clog on your hands.

If there is too much build-up coating the inside of your drain lines it is going to either hinder the flow of water down the drain or stop it completely. In either case, you will need to reach out to our team of professionals for drain cleaning services.

But… Can’t I Just Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner?

While it is tempting and often seems easiest to just grab a chemical drain cleaner to clear that clog, we can promise you this solution isn’t going to work out the way you might think. Chemical drain cleaners often only tackle one or two types of build-up in your drain (think oil and eggshells for example). What this means is that this liquid might clear away a little build-up or it may not help at all.

At the end of the day, chemical drain cleaners are ineffective. They are also dangerous to both the interior of your drain and your health. These caustic solutions just aren’t worth the hassle! A more effective and helpful solution to your drain clog is going to be found in professional drain cleaning services.

What Does Drain Cleaning Service Involve?

What is it that sets drain cleaning services apart? Well, for one thing, they actually work! For another, they are going to help your drain last longer than it would otherwise. By effectively removing the clog and any build-up sitting in your drain, this service reduces the stress on this part of your plumbing system and helps improve its operation and its lifespan. Here is what our drain cleaning services can offer you:

  • Removing or breaking apart clogs with a drain auger. A drain auger or drain snake is a tool that consists of a small drill bit at the end of a flexible cord. Your plumbing professional will carefully guide the auger into your drain until it reaches the clog. From there, it will be drilled into the clog to either pull it out of the drain or break it apart so it can be washed away.
  • Blasting a clog away and clearing the drain with hydro jetting. A high-pressure jet of water tends to be helpful in cleaning a variety of things and your drains are no different. Your professional will use this tool to blast away the clog and any and all build-up collecting on the sides of your drain, removing the initial issue and prevent further problems for the foreseeable future.

We can help maintain your plumbing in New Port Richey. All you have to do is reach out to us to schedule the services that you need to keep things flowing and we will handle the rest.

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