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5 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Water Heater

In a place like Florida, there are plenty of days when a cool shower is a great idea. But that doesn’t mean you never want to need hot water. Hot water is necessary for a good number of things and being able to access it reliably takes a lot of worry off your mind. So what do you do when something is messing with your hot water supply?

On the hottest of days, you may not even notice when the hot water is actually lukewarm or even cool. But at other times this issue is likely more apparent. If you need help getting your water heater back into prime working order, you can reach out to us for help.

Here are some of the signs to be on the alert for that will tell you that your water heater is in trouble.

5 Signs of Trouble in Your Water Heater

You want to try to get repairs done for your system before it stops producing hot water entirely. Here are some warning signs that will let you know you need repairs now.

1. Strange noises during operation

When you are using the hot water supply in your home, see if you notice whether or not your hot water heater is making any new noises. Sediment can build up in your system and create crackling, rumbling, or popping sounds as hot water forces its way through it. You may also notice whistling or hissing while using your system. These are all sounds that should prompt a call to a professional.

2. Longer wait times for hot water

You turn on your hot water tap and wait…and wait….and wait for the hot water. You know you shouldn’t waste water but there is no hot water supply for several minutes. This isn’t normal. A hot water heater that is struggling is likely to take far longer to provide hot water than one that is in good shape.

3. Smaller amounts of hot water

Perhaps you are getting hot water quickly from your tap but you have to get everything done in a few minutes because the water usually gets cold by then. If your hot water heater isn’t able to consistently provide hot water for longer amounts of time it indicates a problem such as a repair need or a seriously undersized system.

4. High energy and water bills

Your bills can tell a story about your usage of your home systems. If you notice an increase in your water and your energy bills that doesn’t match up with a change in your use of hot water, have a technician come check your system.

5. Reduced water pressure

The last warning sign that we will point out is that of reduced water pressure. If you try to get hot water and notice that the water pressure is weaker than before, it may be due to build-up in your hot water pipes, a clog in the connection to the water heater, or another issue. Get prompt repairs today to get this addressed.

The team at Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has worked with all kinds of water heaters in Palm Harbor, FL. Contact us today for your water heater service needs.

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