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Professional Plumbers Clean Drains Effectively

sink-drainingIn this age where the phone in your pocket can unlock an essentially limitless amount of information, it can be easy to convince oneself that one can handle his or her own projects around the house. And you know what? Many of the projects you need done around the house can be handled in a DIY manner with a bit of research and some elbow grease. Responsible homeowners are the ones that know their limits, though. We’re guessing, for instance, that you wouldn’t try to replace your home piping system.

However, some jobs that you might not expect actually require a professional plumber in Orlando, FL. Case in point is the cleaning of your drains. But I have liquid drain cleaner in my cabinet, you may be thinking. I can pick up a hand auger at the hardware store, you may insist. Sure, you can try those methods. Just don’t be surprised when you find yourself in need of our professional drain cleaning services anyway.

Cleaning and Clearing Are Two Different Things

A chemical drain cleaner is probably just going to clear enough of a clog to allow the cleaner itself to pass through the drain. We’ll get that one out of the way right now. When you dump those chemicals down the drain, it’s not good for the environment and it’s not good for your drains. Before long, the part of the clog that’s left behind is going to be trapping particles to form a new clog.

Likewise, a drain auger is only as good as the plumber holding it. You may be able to loosen up a clog. But is it the only clog? Did you get the whole thing, or is there a lot left down there? When we clean your drains, we not only use the right drain openers and tools for the job. We can also use video pipe inspection equipment to evaluate the thoroughness of our work. We are not done with the job until the job is done right!

Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning

There are a lot of warning signs that you may need to have your drains cleaned. Don’t just wait until your drains back up on you entirely. Instead, look (and listen and smell) for warning signs that trouble is brewing. They may include any of the following.

  • A general slowdown in drains throughout the house, or just a single drain.
  • Foul odors coming from your drains.
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drains.

You can definitely try the old coat hanger trick, wherein you try to remove a very shallow clog by hooking it with a straightened out wire hanger. You can also try plunging the drain. Beyond that, though, it is really time to call in the pros. There is no telling just how far down in the system a clog may be. It could also be a sewer line issue, which is definitely something that you don’t want to give a chance to worsen.

Schedule your drain cleaning services with Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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