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Indoor Air Quality: Why Testing Targets the Best Solutions

We’ve all read it before: indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. There are three principles to live by when it comes to indoor air quality: remove the source of the problem, filter out what is in the air, and dilute the contaminants with fresh, clean air. It’s not really rocket science. However, when you consider that our homes are built tighter than ever to be as energy smart as possible, the dilution part of the equation becomes a challenge. We’re just not introducing fresh air as much as we should.

Family members who have allergies, asthma, COPD, or compromised immune systems require indoor air quality that is as close to perfect as possible. There are myriad products and techonologies today to get the air in your home squeaky clean. Here’s the hard part: what is right for your home? What do you need? What will you have to spend to achieve perfect air for your family?

Don’t Sweat: Call Bayonet

We are one of the few companies who can actually TEST your indoor air and THEN propose a solution that addresses the problems that are in your air ! So many companies will just sell you the highest price item in their arsenal when you bring up the indoor air quality topic. But great indoor air is much more than a UV Bulb or Filter.

VOCs: the unknown culprit

VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are present in the air and can be harmful to lungs. Lennox’ s PureAir filter can cleanse the air thanks to the photocatalytic oxidation that the filter boasts. It’s a leader in the industry and a great innovation that will completely rid your home of all airborne odors and smells.

Particulant Problems

Many of us know that particulants are always present. These are the  mold spores, tiny particles, and pollen that float through the air stream. If you don’t have a filter doing the work for you, your body will have no choice but filter them out for you. That’s where allergies come in. Some people’s bodies react to these tiny particles as if they require combat. Instead of saying: “oh, that’s a harmless thing” some bodies say “yikes, attack!” and Boom! You have an allergic reaction. Adequate filtration removes these particles from your home’s air so your body won’t have to be a filter.

It’s the Humidity!

The third part of indoor air solutions that many companies never address is the humidity level. In Florida, we have major humidity swings. For most of the summer months, it is quite high. According to the American Lung Association, the ideal humidity level for human life is 55 percent. Why? Easy: that humidity level is not condusive to the development of molds, dust mites can not thrive or procreate, and irritating airborne gases don’t seem to aggravate us so easily. For many homeowners, the AC system isn’t sized properly or has inadequate returns, leading to humidity levels that range high most of the time. Thanks to innovations in air conditioning technology, we have many ways to cure the humidity problem from dual-speed systems to stand alone dehumidifcation systems (that run on only 6 amps of power) that can hit your target humidity all year long.

So What’s Wrong with YOUR Air?

Well, from this side of the computer, I don’t know. And a techinican standing in your living room or even one who has looked at your system truly doesn’t know either. BUT we can test it! Thanks to our system, we can install a device that will measure your home’s particulant levels, VOC levels, humidity, temperature and even carbon monoxide levels. It downloads the data to a computer in Oregon which then provides us with a report. Then, we can offer you a truly customized solution to give you the best indoor air quality you can get in your home, without breaking the bank.

Spend smart, breathe great air, and don’t fret: CALL BAYONET.

Mention this blog and get the smart IAQ test for $50…and we will take the amount of the testing off  of your IAQ solution! Through 9/1/2012.

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