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4 Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

Have you heard of heat pumps? Perhaps you’ve heard the term “heat” pump and thought, “This is Florida, I don’t need to know about something that pumps heat.” Well, a heat pump supplies both heating and cooling. Not only that, we’re here to tell you that a heat pump is definitely something you should know more about.

A heat pump just might be the 2-in-1 heating and cooling solution you didn’t know your home needed. If you’re curious about heat pump installation in Orlando, FL, keep reading. You might think heat pumps are just the latest trend in HVAC, but there’s a good reason why they’ve become so popular. In fact, here are 4 reasons why. 

1. They Provide Both Heating and Cooling

Although the heating season in Florida is much shorter than the cooling season, you still do need a reliable heater for those chilly evenings. If your heater is on its way out, or you know you’ll need to replace it in the next few years, getting a heat pump will replace two systems at the same time. 

You might be wondering if a system that supplies both heating and cooling is a good air conditioner. It helps to think of a heat pump as an air conditioner, which it essentially is. It uses the same technology as an AC. With the addition of a reversing valve, you can change it to heating mode with the flip of a switch.

2. They’re Energy Efficient

When you know how heat pumps work, the name won’t seem like a misnomer. Heat pumps don’t pump heat; they move heat from one place to another using electricity. 

In the winter, they pull heat from the air outside and move it inside your home to provide heating. In the summer, they pull heat from the air inside your home and move it outside to provide cooling.

They run solely on electricity and utilize refrigerant to do their job instead of burning fossil fuels. That makes them more energy efficient. High energy efficiency translates to saving on utility bills year-round. 

3. They Come in Different Options and Configurations

Heat pumps come in both ductless and ducted versions. That gives homeowners the ability to choose among various options to maximize their home comfort.

A popular option in Florida is the ductless mini split. These utilize various air handlers that can be wall-mounted in each room of your home. They’re perfect for households with people who work from home or stay-at-home caregivers. Instead of cooling the entire home, you can choose to cool down one or two rooms. 

4. They’re Long-Lasting

Heat pumps have a lifespan of 10-15 years. That’s pretty good considering that they work all year. When you consider that the lifespan of both air conditioners and furnaces is the same, you can feel confident about investing in a system that’ll give you 10-15 years of solid performance.

Still not sure a heat pump is right for you? Our team is here to provide the expert opinion you’re looking for.

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