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Should You Add a Water Filter To Your Home?

Have you ever gone camping and found that you need to find a way to access clean, safe water to drink? If so, then that moment likely reminded you how nice it is to be able to turn on a tap in your own home to get clean water for your use. This is especially true when you choose to add a water treatment system to your plumbing in Brandon, FL.

If you haven’t heard about the benefits that can come with adding a water treatment system to your home, we are happy to be the ones to tell you more. Installing this system into your home can be a huge boost to your home’s functioning and to your plumbing systems too.

What Are Your Options for Water Treatment Systems?

You can look into different options for your home water treatment to find one that meets your needs best. To start with,

  • A whole-home filtration system: If you are looking to improve the quality of the water throughout your home, a whole-home filter may be a great idea. These are installed at the point of entry for the water that comes into your home so they can remove unwanted particles before they enter your plumbing.
  • An under-faucet filter: If you have good-quality water already but you are looking to get a boost to the water exiting from one faucet in your home (for example if you want to fill a water bottle from the kitchen faucet), this system may be a good idea. These are great for improving water quality at the source you need it most.

The Benefits of Water Treatment Systems

So, if you are going to install a water treatment system, it is likely that you want to know why you should consider it. We don’t blame you! No one wants to pay for a system to be added to their home that does nothing.

The whole idea behind any water treatment system is that it removes unwanted particles from your water source. While our water is filtered and cleaned before it is sent to homes throughout the area, it may still pick up different particles and nitrates on its way to your house. Here are some perks that a water treatment system can offer you:

  • Better tasting water: Water treatment systems can remove things that might impact the taste of your water. This can often mean the difference between your faucet providing water that you are happy to drink or not.
  • Nicer clothing and dishes: If your water is hard, meaning it has higher levels of metals and salts in it, that may affect how it impacts your clothing and dishes. A water treatment system can help to ensure your dishes are cleaner and your clothes are brighter.
  • Better plumbing health: Hard water can also start to negatively impact your plumbing system’s wellbeing. Things like scaling can be prevented or lessened when you use a water treatment system.

If you are still curious about whether a water treatment system is a good choice for you, contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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