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Do You Need Ductless Repairs?

technician-repairing-air-handlerIf you have a ductless air conditioning system you likely know just how great it is at keeping you comfortable. Between the wonderful energy efficiency a ductless system provides and the reliable and customizable cooling properties, this type of comfort system is known for how helpful it is at keeping things livable during even the worst Orlando heatwave.

With this in mind, it makes sense that you are going to be distressed if your ductless air conditioner starts to struggle. If you notice that your system is starting to have problems keeping your home cool, you will want to reach out to our team of professionals to get it fixed.

But first, let’s look at some of the warning signs that you

These are Warning Signs of Ductless Repair Needs

Knowing these warning signs of potential repair needs in your ductless AC system will help you know when the time has come to reach out for help from a professional technician. Keep an eye out for these issues:

  • Concerning noises: Ductless systems are made to run silently, or pretty close to it. The most noise you should hear from this system is the whoosh of cool air. If, however, you start hearing sounds like screeching, rattling, hissing, banging, or other noises that don’t belong, it means your ductless AC is crying out for help.
  • Reduced airflow: Have you noticed that the airflow from one or more of your air handlers just isn’t what it used to be? This is not normal and shouldn’t be ignored. Whether it is caused by a clogged filter or a struggling fan, you want to address this issue ASAP.
  • No cool air: If your air handlers are blowing air through the how with a steady flow but the air itself is room temperature or even warm, you have a different problem. This could indicate a problem with your refrigerant or even indicate a broken reversing valve.
  • Short cycling: If your ductless AC turns on for a few short minutes and then shuts itself off again, it doesn’t mean that it is cooling the house down faster than normal–it means it is short cycling. This terms refers to when your system can’t complete its usual cooling cycle, causing damage to itself and harming your home comfort too.
  • High energy bills; Using your AC system at all will change your monthly energy bill but it shouldn’t be something that breaks the bank. High energy bills each month indicate that your ductless system is having trouble efficiently using energy to cool things off.

When it comes to getting an AC repair in Orlando, we all know that there are times when everyone is in need at once, making it harder to get the repairs you need in time. This is why we encourage everyone to schedule their repairs as soon as they know something is up so they can get the service the need without having to sweat through days or weeks without a working AC.

Contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your repair service today.

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