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Why Is My Home Cooling Down Unevenly?

service-timeWhen you’re talking about cooling your home in as hot a climate as ours, the fact of the matter is that “good enough” is never good enough! Sure, your air conditioner may be starting up when you need it to. But is it providing you with the level of cooling quality that you deserve? If your AC is failing to cool your home evenly and effectively, then the answer is a resounding “no!”.

That is where the AC technicians on our team come in. Whatever the problem is that is leading to your uneven cooling conundrum, we’re here to help. Should the fix require AC repair in New Port Richey, then ours are the technicians that you want on the job. From the diagnosing of the problem to its complete resolution, we’ll do it right every step of the way.

Your Air Conditioner Could Be Undersized

We’ll start off with something of a worst-case scenario. An undersized air conditioner could be the cause of your issues with uneven cooling, and the sad truth is that you cannot just boost its power somehow. This is why it is so important to have trained professionals determine the size of air conditioner you’ll need to cool your whole house. If this is the problem, replacing your air conditioner with an appropriately sized model is really the only solution.

Your Air Ducts May Be Leaking

This is a very common problem in homes, and is also one of the most commonly overlooked. We get it. You cannot see your air ducts, so it’s not as though you can see damage to them. Many leaks that cause big issues with efficiency and temperature maintenance are so small that you likely would not see them anyway, though. Having your air ducts professionally sealed may be just what you need to cool your home more evenly.

You May Need to Tighten Up Your Home

If your air conditioner is of the right size for your home and well-designed, it could still come up short in terms of cooling your home evenly and efficiently—but it may not be to blame itself. If you have spots with subpar insulation in your home, or if you have a lot of air leaks, your system could be working under a lot of strain to counteract the intrusion of heat. Working with a professional efficiency technician can help you to pinpoint such weak spots in your home.

If you do need AC repairs, remember that Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is the company to call.


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