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Is Your Heater Short Cycling?

question-markFor very obvious reasons, we tend to focus much more on our air conditioning systems than we do our heaters in Brooksville, FL. Just because our winter weather is so mild, however, does not mean that we don’t have to worry about occasionally uncomfortable, chilly weather. That is why it is so important that your heater, regardless of how lightly it is used, is kept in great working condition.

The only way in which you can hope for your heater to function properly is to schedule routine heating maintenance with a trained professional. Even then, though, you are going to run into operational problems from time to time. There is just no such thing as a 100% reliable heating system. If and when you do notice any problems with your heater, it is in your best interest to schedule heating repairs promptly. One issue to look out for is short cycling.

What Is Short Cycling?

Short cycling refers to the situation in which your heater—or AC—is not running in full heating/cooling cycles. When your heater starts up, it should not run only very briefly before shutting back down. It should complete a full cycle in order to achieve and maintain temperatures in an economic fashion.

If your heater is starting up and the shutting right back down, you may have a very dirty air filter that is restricting airflow to the point of forcing the system to shut down. You could also have a faulty thermocouple that is shutting the system down to protect you from unsafe combustion temperatures—or you could actually have such a problem, in which case prompt repairs are definitely necessary.

Now, if you use a heat pump, as so many do in this area, then you could actually be dealing with a refrigerant leak. Make no mistake about it. This is a major problem. That is why “running decently” just is not enough when it comes to your heater. Don’t be fooled into ignoring signs of trouble, including short cycling. If you do, chances are that you’ll be looking at further, more serious problems just down the road.

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