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Is Your Ductwork Setting Your Comfort Back?

duct-interiorLiving in Flordia pretty much demands the use of a whole-house cooling system. Central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps make up a large majority of those cooling systems being used in homes, and they share one thing in common: the utilization of ductwork in order to disperse cooled air throughout the house. if the ductwork that this system uses is not in great working condition, then you really cannot expect great comfort to follow.

Unfortunately, many homeowners that have problems with air ducts are not even aware that there is a problem, to begin with. Your air ducts are largely hidden from view, after all, so it really pays to learn some general warning signs that your ducts are not in the great shape that they should be. that way, you can have any problems resolved before you really start paying the price. Here are some tips for recognizing the need for ductwork services in Brooksville, FL.

Are Your Air Ducts Dirty?

It may sound like a minor issue at first, especially considering the fact that we don’t ever really have to see the interior space inside our air ducts. However, dirty ductwork is not a problem of the aesthetic variety. The truth is that dirty air ducts can actually cause a number of different problems in your home.

If your air ducts are dirty, you may notice that your indoor air quality has fallen off. There may be an increased concentration of airborne pollutants floating around in your home, and you may even start to suffer from aggravated allergy and asthma symptoms. Dirty ductwork can also drag down the efficiency with which your HVAC systems work, while causing them unnecessary strain.

The good news is that we are here to complete your professional duct cleaning services. When a professional cleans out your ductwork, he or she will use agitators, brushes, and vacuums specifically designed for this application. A thorough job is done, and your health, comfort, and wallet will thank you for it.

Are Your Ducts Leaking?

Now, dirty air ducts are a very serious problem. Perhaps even more severe a problem, though, is the leaky duct. When your ductworks develop leaks due to corrosion, pest interference, damage during construction, or any other causes, they are going to allow hot air and pollutants into the system.

The result? Reduced comfort and air quality, all at a higher price point. What do you do when your air ducts are leaking? You schedule professional duct repair or duct sealing services with our team. First, however, you need to recognize the problem.

Keep an eye out for increased cooling/heating costs, as well as hot or cold spots developing throughout your home. This could mean that energy is being wasted due to duct leaks, and that certain areas of your home are missing out on the conditioned air that those ducts are supposed to be delivering throughout the house.

If your air ducts are leaking, we will pinpoint the source of any leaks, and go about sealing or repairing those ducts as needed. Our team is happy to help you to live in the comfort that you deserve all year long.

Schedule your air duct services with Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning.

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