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Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?


Here in Tampa, FL, where you rely on your AC system more than your furnace, you might be tempted to overlook a furnace that’s no longer keeping your home adequately comfortable in the winter. Perhaps you suspect it’s due for replacement or you have a repair estimate and you’re not sure it’s worth it.

How exactly do you know when you should invest in furnace repair vs a furnace replacement? Let’s go over 4 considerations to reflect on as you decide if you’ve put up with poor home comfort during the winter long enough. You may even decide to use this as a great opportunity to replace your outdated furnace with a heat pump.

1. Your furnace is old.

If your furnace was a person, would it be a Millennial or a member of Generation Y? If so, then your furnace is past its age range of 10-15 years. It’s no wonder your furnace is failing to heat your home. A furnace declines in performance during the last few years of its life. 

Also, if you’ve skipped annual tune-ups, your furnace will have an even shorter lifespan! Don’t put up with an old, outdated furnace any longer. Not only is it costing you more in utility bills, but it could also become a safety hazard.

2. Your utility costs keep rising.

For each year of your furnace’s age, it can lose around 5% of its efficiency if it hasn’t been properly maintained. That means a furnace can become quite inefficient rather quickly. Have you noticed your utility bills have been creeping up or jumped up suddenly in cost? You might be coping by putting on extra layers of clothing and not running it as often. 

3. You’ve received a high repair estimate.

Are you faced with a high repair estimate that you’re not sure is worth the investment? There’s an easy way to determine if a repair is worth it called the “Rule of $5,000 and it goes like this:

“If the cost of a repair (in dollars) multiplied by the furnace’s age (in years) exceeds $5,000, then the repair isn’t worth it.” You’re better off investing the money in a new system.

4. You want a heat pump instead of a furnace.

Speaking of investing in a new system, if your furnace is on its way out, have you considered replacing it with a heat pump?

Heat pumps are remarkable systems that are ideal for climates like ours here in Florida. That’s because a heat pump provides both air conditioning and heating. Not only will you replace your outdated furnace, but you’ll also be getting a brand-new air conditioner.

Heat pumps are essentially air conditioners with a component called a reversing valve that allows it to switch to heating. You won’t have to worry about a heat pump keeping up with our hot, humid weather. And it will more than adequately be able to provide you with enough warmth during our shortened heating season.

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