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Top 5 Products Causing Toilet Clogs


As companies come up with more and more ingenious items to help keep your home tidy and your personal hygiene, well, hygienic, it’s time for a reminder on the things that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. The last thing you want is a Handi-Wipe or a makeup towelette to cause a clog that warrants a call for a plumber in Tampa, FL.

If you’re already thinking, “Wait, makeup towelettes can’t be flushed?” then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to be aware of common household items that might seem like they’re safe for the toilet, but really aren’t. Spoiler alert: even some products that say they’re safe for toilets aren’t. Let’s explain.

1. Too Much Toilet Paper

You may be wondering how on Earth toilet paper–the ultimate product designed to be flushed down toilets–could ever result in a toilet clog. But this proves without a doubt that too much of a good thing can be bad. 

Let this serve as a gentle reminder, one that you should also remind family members of, that there is such a thing as too much toilet paper. We’ve even heard of playful cats and children who see the massive unraveling of toilet paper as a fun activity. Just be sure to throw those “toys” in the trash and not the toilet.

2. Paper Towels

Many people assume that paper towels are interchangeable with toilet paper. Well, this simply isn’t the case.

Paper towels are designed to be sturdy to clean up spells and absorb liquids. They’re densely woven so they don’t disintegrate easily. And that inability to disintegrate is what allows them to wreak havoc on your toilet’s drain pipe. Be safe and not sorry: throw that paper towel in the trash. 

3. Makeup Towelettes

If we lived in France, the word “towelette” would translate to “mini towel.” And even the tiniest towel should not be put down the toilet.

All joking aside, makeup wipes, makeup removers, and makeup towelettes need to be sturdy in order to effectively remove sunscreen, foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow. That means that just like paper towels, they don’t disintegrate easily. As such, they’re bound to cause a toilet clog if they’re flushed instead of thrown in the trash. 

4. Sanitizing Wipes

We’ve seen packages of sanitizing wipes that advertise they’re “flushable” when in fact, they are not. Don’t be fooled by this false advertising. Even wipes that say they’re safe for toilets or septic systems should be disposed of in the garbage. It’s just as easy to toss them in the trash as it is to throw them in the toilet. Make the decision that’s best for your plumbing system.

5. Feminine Hygiene Products

You may think that an object that’s designed to absorb liquid would be fine in a liquid environment, but this simply isn’t true. Feminine hygiene products are also designed not to dissolve or disintegrate. Remind family members who use these products that they need to be put in the garbage.

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