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How a Dirty Filter Leads to AC Repairs

air-filterThere are many different parts of your air conditioner that play important roles in helping it to get your home cooled off. But there is probably no part that is more underestimated in importance than the air filter.

No, the air filter is not going to have a major effect on your indoor air quality (though it doesn’t hurt). And no, the air filter isn’t actively involved in cooling the way your evaporator and condenser coils are. But this filter still plays an important role.

Regular filter changes can end up helping you avoid the need for expensive AC repair in Spring Hill, FL. Leaving an overly dirty filter in place on the other hand can make repair worse. Here’s what you need to know.

What the air filter is for

The air filter protects the internal components of an HVAC unit. The filter is made to capture dust and debris, keeping them out of the AC in the summer and the heater in the winter.

What happens when a dirty filter sticks around

Okay, we get that some people are confused by this. Filters are meant to capture dirt after all. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to leave a dirty filter in place all year. Regular filter changes are highly important for your HVAC system’s effectiveness and efficiency. Here’s why:

First, it will reduce the airflow entering your AC

The dirtier your air filter gets, the less air it will allow the past through. This means that a dirty air filter will prevent air from even entering your AC to be cooled in the first place. The dirtier the air filter the less air will get into your system and the worse the cooling for your home.

Next, it will lead to added debris coating the evaporator coil

An evaporator coil coated in dirt and debris will struggle to cool air to send into your house. When you have a dirty air filter, it is more likely to send particles into your AC that will collect on the evaporator coil which will worsen the ability of the air conditioner to cool the house. This will lead to higher energy bills too.

The longer it is left in, the more likely your AC will need major repairs

An air filter that’s allowed to become too dirty and then stay in place is going to become increasingly at risk of developing major repair needs. This is because that excess debris can increase the strain on the AC and the amount of work it has to do. This combination can put your AC at risk of developing more severe and higher-priced repair needs.

What to Know About System Filter Changes

Now that you know how a dirty air filter can affect your air conditioner’s well-being, you may be more interested in learning how and when to change it.

How to change your filter varies, as some are disposable while others are able to be cleaned. Make sure to follow the directions on your filter to handle it properly.

As for when to change your filter, we advise getting this done every one to three months depending on your use of your HVAC system and the filter’s strength.

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