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Avoid Putting These Things Down Your Drain

We get it. There are plenty of things that we feel comfortable with the idea of just washing down the drain. And, to be fair, there is plenty of debris that can be washed down the drain without problem. But that doesn’t mean that everything should go down the drain.

You may be surprised just how many issues you can prevent by just not putting the wrong things down the drain.

Our team wants to help you out here. Let’s discuss what you should keep out of your drains in order to keep the need for a plumbing repair in Orlando, FL to a minimum.

Prevent Frequent Clogs by Keeping These Things Out of Your Drains

Try to adopt the practice of keeping these items out of your drain lines to keep clogs at a minimum.

1. Fats, Oils, and Grease

We know that this can sound tough since these are liquids, but they aren’t going to stay liquid for long. When fats, oils, or grease enter your drain, they rapidly start to cool and solidify. Also referred to in a group as “FOG” these substances are better off poured into a container and then disposed of in the trash after they solidify. Otherwise, FOG can easily create the ground layer for a sticky, stubborn clog.

2. Rice, Pasta, Coffee Grounds, and Eggshells

There are other food items that are better kept out of your drain too. Rice and pasta are often better thrown in the trash because the starch in them makes them sticky once wet, making them more likely to stick to your drain line. They also expand once they get wet, making them more likely to capture and hold onto other items.

Coffee grounds are also going to be more likely to stick to the drain lines while egg shells will be likely to adhere to any built-up FOG and other sticky debris. These are usually the debris that creates clogs the fastest.

3. Toys or Trash

Yes, we know that it is likely that you aren’t going to be putting any small toys or even major trash items down the toilet. However, if there are smaller and arguably sillier individuals in your home (kids, grandkids, etc.) it is better to do what you can to keep them from dumping things into the toilet. It happens, but it can be easier to prevent with toilet child locks or even just a closed bathroom door.

Let’s be clear: keeping these items out of your drains will help to minimize the occurrence of drain and sewer clogs from occurring in your home. However, it won’t stop every clog. These bothersome issues will occur from time to time but, thankfully, when they do, our team is here to help you clear them out and get your drain flowing again.

Have a clogged drain in your home? Contact Bayonet Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to clear it and resolve any other plumbing problems you might have.

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